Sunday, 2 November 2014

A last alliance of men...

One of the biggest things that got me in to The Lord Of The Rings SBG was the scene in the Fellowship of the ring where the warriors of the last alliance arrayed in all their armour march against the great enemy Sauron.

I'd just watched the film with my Grandad and spotted the DeAgostini magazine (edition number 2) and that was where my collection began.
Those Original men of Numenor are long since gone, donated to fathers and sons just starting out but these eight are my newly painted collection, the unpainted collection (is bigger...) consists of Elendil and Isildur, 11 metal spearmen, 4 metal archers and a further 8 swordsmen, one day they will all be painted and I'll be able to field them with my elves (more on that tomorrow).

The thing I liked about these models is that they're simple, they take relatively little time to paint and that means more painted models to play with, sadly being part of the first batch of miniatures sculpted for LotR they are a bit undersized in comparison to many of the later sculpts such as the men of Gondor but at this scale it's only noticeable in a direct side by side comparison.

Men of Numenor come 4(+8 Elves) to a box as part of a boxset - Warriors of the Last Alliance which is relatively reasonably (comparatively) at £15 from Games Workshop themselves or can be pick up in batches on eBay very cheaply, they were given away for free in the DeAgostini magazines after all!
Visit here to see more pictures and get more ideas for painting your own men of Numenor, better still why not let me paint them for you!

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