Wednesday, 26 November 2014

On The Table - Send out your warg riders

Well not so much Warg riders as Wargs...just wargs. Last week I did a video unboxing of these, you can see that here, and I spent an hour or so putting these together.

These are such nice little kits, almost zero mold lines, no flashing, really good fit apart from some of the heads, the little bumps meant to help you line up the halves of the head are a bit too big meaning it's not always a perfect fit, a little scalpel work quickly fixes that and some liquid green stuff finishes it off.

To be totally honest with you these guys are really quick and easy to paint up too! I'll be showing you a bit more about that next week!

Also on the painting table is a Gamling which I've been commissioned to paint up, which is great because it means I've got a bit more money to spend on the remaining models I need to be able to do a full set of the fellowship of the ring journey book .

Question of the day; What greens do you use to paint Rohan cloaks? I've previously used the quite bright warpstone glow as the final highlight but I think I want to go a bit darker with this one, so what do you suggest?


  1. Rohan cloaks - For Heroes and Royal Guard I go with a bold medium to dark Green like Foundry 26a.
    For the troopers a more drab worn green like 28a. Both obviously with shade and highlight...

    1. 26a and 28a? what paints are you using? I predominantly use GW and vallejo