Thursday, 18 December 2014

Showcase - Rangers

The Rangers of the North, also known as Watchers or simply Rangers, were the last remnant of the Dúnedain who had once populated the northern kingdom of Arnor.

The Rangers were described by the Bree-folk as taller and darker, with strange skills in sight and hearing.[1] They usually wore grey or dark green cloaks with no identifying ornaments except a six-pointed cloak-clasp in the shape of a star. Another identifying feature was that all of them wore a green longcoat. Equipped primarily with swords and bows, they were quick, versatile, and experienced riders.
I must confess I got half way through painting these when I decided that I really don't like these models at all! but I pushed through and, though they aren't some of my better works they are done to a good table top standard and so I'm happy to put them with the rest of the collection, I think they look especially good as a group and for the most part I really like the green of the cloaks.

I have a not insubstantial collection of Gondor and these will make a nice little warband for Faramir to lead in normal games however these were painted for the Fellowship of the Ring sourcebook along with the 3 Nazgul in my previous posts.

This is definitely going to happen (this time...)
What do you all think of these guys?

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