Monday, 15 December 2014

Showcase - Witchking

"Come not between the Nazgul and his prey! Or he will not slay thee in thy turn. He will bear thee away to the houses of lamentation, beyond all darkness, where thy flesh shall be devoured, and thy shriveled mind be left naked to the Lidless Eye."

-The Witchking

There's something about this original Witchking model that oozes power and malice. Even without the context of the character the model alone is quite powerful in the images it conjures.

I've said it before and I'll say it again that the original nine as sculpted by Games Workshop are so much better than their later 'named ringwraiths'. Perhaps it is their faceless, emotionless simpleness that gives a canvas to the imagination but what ever it is I think P.J.'s interpretation as well as the sculptors attention to detail that makes these sculpts what they are. And for the record what they are brilliant... 

As with the two ringwraiths I posted up last week I painted the witchking in the same limited pallet of colours and went for more of a dark grey than black and I think that serves to give a bit more depth to the model.

I received a number of requests for a painting tutorial for him which I have dutifully done and will be featuring on the blog tomorrow so make sure to come back for that.

Thanks for reading!
"Come back! Come back! To Mordor we will take you!"