Saturday, 31 January 2015

Not Just A Painter (or a pretty face)

I have many (many) hobbies, none of them cheap but all of them entertaining.
Today I wanted to share with you two of my recent unboxing videos for Magic the Gathering Khans of Tarkir and Fate Reforged sets.

I started playing Magic the gathering during Zendikar block (which is still my favourite to date (mmmm delicious full art lands....)) and it's something I return to every now and again to get my hobby fix. Just recently I've had Friday evenings free again and I've been making an effort to go and play some Friday Night Magic at my local shop.

Whilst Zendikar is my favourite block I've been pretty impressed with Khans of Tarkir so far and ended up spending more than I should a couple of weeks ago on a fat pack and a holiday gift box, both of which I put up on youtube because anyone who loves magic the gathering loves watching people get good (and terrible) cads in their booster packs!

But don't panic, this doesn't mean I wont be painting any more, I have been working on something I'm very pleased with which I'll put up over the coming week, I promise! And I've got the next lot lined up, I just need some superglue and some undercoat...

Both armies that I'm selling are now on eBay;

Grey Knights for sale
Dark Eldar for sale

If you'd like to help fund my addictions (all legal) or, as mentioned in my last post, help me buy some baby clothes or even if you just like buying Grey Knights or Dark Eldar why not put in a cheeky bid, or send someone who might be interested my way.

Thanks guys!

p.s. big thank you to all the well wishers on my very welcome news, we'd been trying for a while but we had begun to lose hope so we're ecstatic!

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