Sunday, 25 January 2015

Raising Funds...

...For the BIGGEST project of my life (among other things)

No, I'm not making a full sized replica of Osgiliath (not yet), nor am I making a 1:1 Diorama of the final battle of the last alliance. I am embarking on that age old institution of Fatherhood (thanks!) but as I'm sure many of you know with this comes the equally age old institution of selling everything you possibly can to raise a bit of cash, not only to provide baby with all the essentials but also to provide the soon-to-be encumbered hobbyist with some spare cash for more urgent hobby projects and so time has come to call time on my 40k 'stuff' I've been skimming down my collection over the last few years because frankly 40k does not interest me in the slightest any more and my Dark Eldar and Grey Knight armies are the last to go.

I've posted a thread on warseer listing the two armies up for sale and I'm selling them at a pretty hefty reduction on RRP for a quick sale. If any of you can help me out in this quest for cash I'd be greatly appreciative!

Don't worry though, This doesn't mean I'm selling my Lord of the Rings! No, I fully intend to teach my child/children to play and I'll still be painting when /I get a chance in between DIY and Dirty nappies >.<

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