Friday, 27 March 2015


So Romans are definitely a thing right?!

My love of all things ancient Rome is a love spanning 20 years, innumerable episodes of Time Team, a fair few books and even an A-Level. What better than combining it with my other (other) great love - wargaming?

well apparently something must have been better because despite having had the time, and money at many points over those 20 years I've managed more 40k armies than I care to count, started, re-started and re-re-started collecting Lord of the Rings, warhammer, 15mm WWII, 20mm WWII and 15mm napoleonics I've never played an 'ancient' wargame.

And I still haven't 'played' an ancient wargame but now at least I'll have the means too, well I will once I get the hail caesar rulebook for my birthday (fingers crossed the wife's got the hint...).

Has anyone got any experience with Hail Caesar? Would you recommend it to a newb to classical wargaming? what units would you suggest I add?

keep checking back for an unboxing and eventually some painting tutorials.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Let's Paint - Galadhrim Elves

So I think I've kept you all waiting more than long enough, here's the 2nd let's paint I managed to get filmed almost two weeks ago now (doesn't time fly!)

In the mean time I've also been putting up fate reforged cards on eBay. The prices are the lowest buy it now (including free P&P) prices on eBay. Anything you buy is going to help me do the same for dragons of Tarkir - that is to give you the cheapest price cards around.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Elspeth vs Kiora Duel Deck Unboxing

I picked up my first ever duel deck the other day, I've never really previously been interested in them but wizards really pulled it out of the hat with this one, the obvious draw being Elspeth and although she's nearing the end of her time in standard the cost of her alone is enough to justify buying this product, it certainly was for me anyway!

Added to that you get the, quite cool, Kiora which together with Elspeth more than justifies the cost, all the other rares and both decks are just a bonus. My two criticisms are that the box itself isn't resealable and the deck boxes included wouldn't be able to fit a sleeved deck and are in fact a tight fit even with unsleeved cards. So wizards still have something they could improve, the cynic in me says that they're not big enough for sleeved cards so that you're more likely to by the corresponding ultra-pro deck boxes (which of course I have...what a sucker...).