Friday, 27 March 2015


So Romans are definitely a thing right?!

My love of all things ancient Rome is a love spanning 20 years, innumerable episodes of Time Team, a fair few books and even an A-Level. What better than combining it with my other (other) great love - wargaming?

well apparently something must have been better because despite having had the time, and money at many points over those 20 years I've managed more 40k armies than I care to count, started, re-started and re-re-started collecting Lord of the Rings, warhammer, 15mm WWII, 20mm WWII and 15mm napoleonics I've never played an 'ancient' wargame.

And I still haven't 'played' an ancient wargame but now at least I'll have the means too, well I will once I get the hail caesar rulebook for my birthday (fingers crossed the wife's got the hint...).

Has anyone got any experience with Hail Caesar? Would you recommend it to a newb to classical wargaming? what units would you suggest I add?

keep checking back for an unboxing and eventually some painting tutorials.

Thanks for reading!

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