Sunday, 31 May 2015

Friday, 29 May 2015

Showcase - Elrond And Gil-galad

Yay! It's a Lord of the Rings post, it's been a while hasn't it! As I mentioned in my last post I've been working on five of my Elvish heroes over the last couple of weeks. Having had a little bit of time off work for exams this week I've not only found time to revise professional ethics but also to paint Elrond and Gil-galad.

I like these old FotR models, they have such great character and detail in the faces. With Elrond I went a gritty, fires of mount doom, midst of battle look with deep, exaggerated features and a wide-eyed look which the sculpting demands. With Gil-galad I tried to achieve a more passive look, of someone who knows they aren't going to see out the day, again something which the sculpting lends itself too.

If I were to change anything it'd be the green on Elrond, it's too bright whereas the green on Gil-galad is perfect in my view. things I'm please with are the freehand work on Gil-galad and the gold armour.

anyway here's some more photos;

Still on the table is Erestor, and Glorfindel and Celeborn in armour, I've also got myself a box of eagles, Thranduil and 2 bat swarms winging their way to me hopefully for tomorrow so I need to get cracking, that mountain of unpainted lead is not getting smaller!

Monday, 18 May 2015

Showcase - Imperial Roman Auxiliaries and Life's Little Foibles

To say these last few months shave been challenging is no understatement! We finally got over dreadful morning sickness about 6 weeks ago which had seen my wife go from her usual bubbly primary teacher self to a miserable, withdrawn and hopeless thing. Thinking the worst was behind us we headed off to the anomaly (or sizing if you prefer) scan at 20 weeks only to be told that not only was my wife growing one healthy baby but two fibroids as well (one being 8x8x7 cm!).

We'd hoped these fibroids would shrink or move up out of the way as the womb expands but no, they've not only stayed resolutely blocking the exit but they've grown, the biggest is now 10cm and is causing a lot of pain and discomfort for which we spent a good 9 hours up at the hospital for over the last couple of days.

We've gone from a low risk, home birth, to a high risk, consultant-led C-section which along with the pain has only helped to make my poor sunshine more miserable than ever!

It's not all bad however, I have a healthy baby boy on the way to raise on a diet of miniatures, rule books and terrain making and, though I initially wanted a girl (and still do for the future), I've very much warmed to the idea of having a live-in wargming buddy (though I appreciate there's a few years down the line yet). Thanks to the fibroid restricting his available space I've also been able to feel him kicking far earlier than may have done otherwise which is an amazing feeling though it's a bit weird at first.

Anyway you lot don't read this blog to hear about all my maladies, no doubt you've enough of your own! Between work, college, housework, sickness, hospital visits (etc) I've got in a few hours of painting here and there. Those of you using facebook may have already seen my painted Roman Aux (reviewed and unboxed in my more recent posts).

Here are the fruits of my labour;

the basing isn't finished yet, it needs paint and flock and I've missed a few teeth here and there but otherwise it's my first serviceable unit based for Hail Caesar, the shield transfers really turn an otherwise fairly mundane model in to a really eye-catching piece.

For those of you who come here for Lord of the Rings content the fear not, I've currently got Elrond and Gil Galad, Armoured Celeborn and Glorfindel and Erestor currently in various stage of painting and I'm looking forward to posting those up over the course of this month with any luck (though I seem to be short on that at the moment...). Erestor especially is a joy to paint.

I've been playing my men of the last alliance a fair bit recently so I also took the plunge and started a mounted Isildur conversation using Aragorn the king and Isildur on foot which aside from greenstuff is finished and ready for painting

For historical fans I've assembled some Roman legionaries as the next project/unit which will be next on the painting table.

25 weeks down hopefully another 15 to go...

As usual, thanks for reading, it's great to be able to come here and ent and have people offer their support and best wishes!