Sunday, 14 June 2015

Plog #2, Ten Minute Tutorials, Musings on Black Powder

It's been a very busy two weeks which hasn't exactly left a lot of time for painting but I have got a few bits and pieces to show you in my 2nd video painting log.

One of those things that I've managed to find some time for the the first of my Ten Minute Tutorials. Rather than paint a whole miniature I'll show how I paint a specific colour. In this case it's the gold used on me elves which featured a few posts ago.
The second is also complete and ready to release next week!

One of the questions I ask on my 'plog' is regarding black powder from Warlord games.
As should be fairly obvious I've become quite invested in their hail Caesar range and, wanting a more unified ruleset (because remembering how to play umpteen different games is a pain!), I've been considering whether or not to get the black powder rules or not.

I've currently got a few regiments of 15mm AB peninsular British Line infantry and 6lb cannons based for the General de Brigade rules however if I were to do black powder I'd probably want to drop the AB for Warlord plastics (price being a major reason).

Do any of you have any thoughts on the Black Powder rules and the Warlord Games ecosystem in general and what about the models? Stick with 15mm or switch to 28mm?

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