Sunday, 21 June 2015

Ten Minute Tutorial - Painting Cloaks

Hi all, here is the second of my 'Ten Minute Tutorials', It's a quick guide on how to paint blue high elf cloaks though you could substitute the colours of course.

In other news Black powder 'happened' so be on the look our for reviews and unboxings soon. The rulebook is superb and I like the more 'broad brush' approach I could see it giving to games, The handful of models I've bought look great though I have one slight gripe with a particular set (to be revealed in review) and the free Napoleon they're giving away this month for the 200th anniversary of Waterloo was a nice little addition.

Work continues on the Roman cohort, I'm nearing completion of the first 10 and so I've begun to assemble the remaining 10 (including command) to complete the unit. All the models have gone together nicely and you can see a review of the set here on this very blog.

In other, other news the countdown to baby continues: 59 days to go. eek!

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