Sunday, 9 August 2015

French Napoleonic Line Infantry - 4 down, heaven knows how many to go!

I recently did an unboxing for the Warlord Games French Line Infantry Boxed Set which is suitable for battles in the Peninsular War (Warlord Games sells a different French line infantry box for waterloo) and during that I was able to show my first line infantry-man however the light was getting low and I wanted to take a few more photos for the blog.

Well now I've finished 4, the first sixth of my first French line - These guys will probably represent the 70th Line infantry 1st Battalion, I'm working towards an army loosely representative of the orbat for Vimeiro so I thought I'd start from the top and recreate General de Brigade Antoine François Brenier de Montmorand's (what a name!) Brigade which was 70th Line (both first and second battalions) and the 2nd and 4th light.

I also placed my first order with Perry Miniatures this week I sorely needed some models suitable for generals and though Warlord Games would have me use at least two groups of brigade commanders they don't actually have much in the way of models suitable for this! Fortunately the Perry Brothers have got this covered and I was able to pick up Napoleon and staff pt1, and Staff and Generals dismounted which gives me 11 miniatures, plus a table and Napoleon himself of course, to make some nice little vignettes for my brigade commanders. I also got a cannon whilst I was at it because who doesn't want a cannon!

If you missed it last week here's the youtube video for the French Line unboxing:

Have a good week everyone!

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