Sunday, 2 August 2015

Whoooosh! The Sound of Another Month Passing.

It's getting to be a familiar sound! I've not had much opportunity to sit and write for a little while much less sit and think, all good practice for later this month or so I am told.

Wow, the single post I did get out last month certainly got a response though, I shall have to tackle more controversial topics more often but before I right all the worlds wrongs I thought I'd have a little ramble here first.

Firstly, despite last months brief moment of insanity I probably wont be starting AoS any time soon (if ever). I had hoped, perhaps foolishly, that it would be something I could afford, I spent a not insignificant time perusing the lizardmen range in preparation. Then Games Workshop released the first unit boxes and I realised that It's just not something I can afford to buy in to (again).

So I'll be sticking with the myriad of systems I'm already invested in and maybe, one day, when I'm a rich and successful accountant...maybe...

Instead you'll have to make do with this fortnights (months?!) Plog:

And a couple of unboxing vids:

Warlord Games French Line Infantry

Perry Miniatures French Dragoons

In the Plog you'll see my first finished (bar basing) roman legionary unit and my first painted French man, I hope to feature these in a bit better lighting here in the coming weeks.

Until then, as usual, thanks for taking the time to stop by and read the ramblings of this hobbyist!

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