Saturday, 1 November 2014

"Mister Frodo! Look! It's an Oliphant! No one at home will believe this."

I've always wanted an Oliphant/Mumak but I could never justify owning one. they take up a lot of space, they can't be used by any 'good' armies and like all things Games Workshop these days they certainly aren't cheap.

So you might expect I was quite pleased when a friend commissioned me to paint one of his, which you can see pictured to the left, and you'd be right!

This monstrosity was painted using a limited pallet of colours to help keep it simple, mostly grey (varying from dark to brown and green grey), red and browns of differing hue. I used almost an entire pot(!) of Agrax Earthshade to provide contrast and shadow.

You can pick up a brand new mumak from games workshop here or they can be picked up on eBay (some assembly required...) for much less.
Visit here to see more pictures and get more ideas for painting your own mumak, better still why not let me paint it for you!

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