Saturday, 8 November 2014

"My gift for you is a bow of the Galadhrim, worthy of the skill of our woodland kin."

 A successful Friday night saw me clear the painting desk of the wood elves I had on it, I think I'd like to keep a tally of how many models I complete as part of my blog, this takes me up to 10 (the mumak still only counts as one) since beginning to post on here at the start of the week but I'm pretty chuffed with that, it's the most opportunity I've had to paint for a long while.
What's on the table next? Well I'm waiting on a second mumak to paint for a client so in the meantime I'm going to get cracking on what GW calls 'Galadhrim' warriors, Galadhrim meaning tree people (or wood elves...) so I'm painting more wood elves, I mentioned I like elves didn't I?
These used to come in boxes of 24 sadly now only 12, these are more elves that I bought a long time ago, as you can see I toyed with green and grey capes but ended up with the more traditional red and blue.

this is one of the 4 spearmen I completed when I felt less old, It's the general finish i'm aiming for although I may need to repaint the old ones as they were done at a time before I wrote colour schemes down. D'oh!

I wanted to draw your attention to a blog I found at the weekend:

Warlord's War of the Ring

like mine his blog appears to be in it's infancy. The first few posts true to title have focused on the War of the Ring rules that games workshop bought out around 2009 when I was working for them.

At the time I thought it was a great set of rules, I was not a fan of Warhammer but I was glad of an opportunity to play lord of the rings, quickly, on a big scale. And I still do think it's a great set of rules. what spoilt the game for me somewhat was the ridiculously unflavourful magic. Matt Ward co-wrote the rules and as a 40k player looking back I should have seen it as the portent it was. However at it's core I felt it was, and still is, worth a punt.

The rules and the game are no longer supported (sound familiar?) by Games-Workshop but as usual, eBay is a great source and I recommend picking up the main book if nothing else (there is also an expansion), there are plenty of house rules out there to make the game better and lots of inspiration can be found on the one ring's WotR forum 

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