Friday, 3 April 2015

Unboxings Galore!

What a Hectic week! In the last week (or so) I've had nine(!) purchases arrive at my door to unbox, review and, in the case of my magic the gathering cards, list on eBay (then package up again, label and ship...) That's in addition to my day job. Thank goodness it's a double bank holiday and I've got a few days off to get all those videos uploaded for everyone to watch.

Because this is primarily a blog about my miniature adventures (and they are miniature at the moment...) the first video is the unboxing of my imperial Roman Starter Army from Warlord Games which featured in my last post

Then we have the first of two Dragons of Tarkir Booster Box Unboxings, The first is nothing really to write home about

But the second is brilliant with another double planeswalker pull, this time two Narset Transcendent!

The contents of these boxes will be up for you to purchase at the cheapest buy it now prices in the UK on my eBay page which is here

In other news it's my birthday on Easter Sunday, yay for presents and Easter eggs!

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