Sunday, 28 June 2015

Unboxing - Games Workshop Great Eagles, Preparing to be a Dad(dy).

This last couple of weeks really seems to have flown by and time seems to be rapidly vanishing as I near the approaching B-Day (Baby). 

As time rapidly runs out on my old life of no responsibility (relatively) and care-free-ness I find myself thinking of a future where instead of spending an hour painting models in the evening I'll be spending an hour (or more) sending a baby off to sleep. worse still is that this is not a short term commitment either! Once that stage is over it'll be parents evens, friends birthdays, trips to the park, colouring in, cleaning up and generally doing everything other then the few things I want to do.

Do I feel daunted? YES
Do I feel like I'm jumping in at the deep end when I can't swim and there are no lifeguards on duty? Abso-blooming-lutely
Are there going to be days when I'll wish I'd had a headache that night? Undoubtedly.

But that said here are some of the things I am looking forward to sharing with my soon-to-be little one (when the time is appropriate) aside from the all to obvious addiction I have to little plastic men of course:

This, as my reception/year 1 teachers would be able to tell you, was my favourite (bar none) toy to play with at school, I never cooperated amenably when it cam time to be put away and I was more than a little possessive of it; I absolutely HATED it when someone else wanted to play with it to. Let's hope I have better luck with my off-spring...

Walking in the woods, especially in the rain, finding trees to climb, places to build dens and rivers in which you can make dams was probably my favourite outdoor activity as a child. By and large society frowns on fully grown adults doing many things such as climbing trees and building dams so I can't wait till I have an excuse to enjoy those past times again.

My Grandparents bought my one for christmas and, for a child that grew up without a lot of access to the more expensive toys in the Argos catalogue, it was a revelation. I think I spent all my pocket money (£2 a month at the time) on batteries for the thing and I have fond memories of spending more time messing with the metal contacts on the bottom of the cars than I do of actually getting them to race. Hopefully they're a bit more reliable now (I doubt it...)

Lego! Yes another toy but what could not be made from Lego with a box full of blocks and some imagination? Dinosaurs, 18th century sailing ships, power rangers zords, aeroplanes, space ships, castles, crossbows and hilariously feeble swords were a staple.  

Well who needs an excuse to go to this place? Probably my second visited museum after the natural history museum (of course). As someone who studied not only classical and medieval history but also modern I can safely say that war has and will always be (because of our innate inability to simply get along) one of the defining characters of our being, I'm a great believer in the phrase that 'what we forget we are doomed to repeat'. Despite the last remaining living memories of the most recent 'global' war rapidly leaving us for what ever come next I want my son to have a respect for the great and tumultuous period which is so close to our living memory. I don't know if a civilian population in Britain will ever experience the same level of war as those in 1939-45 and I hope they don't but I know that when the memory of that time slips from us, that is when it's events are most likely to re-occur.

So as I begin to mourn the loss of free time and freedom of choice (I've still got 6 weeks, that's at least a couple of regiments isn't it?!) What tips do the initiated among us have for the novice? Are there things you thought you'd miss but don't? are there things that you didn't realise you'd miss?

Most importantly how do I go about fitting in hobby time?

And because that was the title after all:


No Plog this week but I've been working on the Legionaries, 10 down and 10 on their way, and I have far too many Warlord Games models on their way to me, as if I didn't have enough already, but hey, I'll need a good stockpile for when my own personal expendable income passes like rain on the mountain. More on those next week

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