Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Showcase - Warlord Games Early Imperial Roman Legionaries, Applying Transfers

It's 'The Last Post', not to be confused with that rather haunting bugle call, before we go off to the hospital to welcome our first so I thought it best to make it something worth reading.

In my last Plog I promised I'd take some photos of my painted Roman Legionaries and I guess this is also an 'army' shot, though it's a very compact one at the minute:

I think there's a nice contrast between the red of the legions and the green of the auxiliaries, another plus is that they'd make perfect Christmas decorations

Still not based them though, I'm still thinking exactly how I want to do it and I've got plenty to paint whilst I make up my mind anyway

There's a lot of 'silver' metal on these guys so I might sure to paint the cornu and standard using some bright golds. I've come to the conclusion over a number of years that when painting models it's best to exaggerate colours a tad so that they really pop on the table top.

I went with red skirts, there's nothing quite like the 'classical' look - this is what I grew up with in school

Speaking of Romans, there have been quite a number of questions and comments on some of the facebook groups I'm part of regarding transfers, particularly the Warlord Games transfers for the legionaries, well, this is my response:

My goal, whilst I'm off from work is to complete my first French line, with any luck and a few quiet hours that'll be my next post...see you in a few weeks!

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